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John Norton – General Manager – 01865 39 31 31


We have a broad Membership base with a variety of different farm sizes covering all aspects of farming as well as many who have diversified into other rural ventures.

Why join?

Easy Ordering

We’ve built strong commercial relationships with each of our suppliers, establishing terms of supply with each, removing any need for our Members to set up accounts with individual companies.We place no levy on the orders and each supplier understands the value in supporting and supplying the Group with every benefit they offer falling straight through to the Member, with no hidden costs. Members are given access to information regarding the suppliers and services available through the Group via our online Supplier Directory. Some commodities are booked through the Orion Head Office however others are ordered directly with the supplier by the Member under the terms established by the Group. The supplier in both cases delivers directly to farm and sends the invoice to us.

Easy Accounting

We collate (monthly) all invoices from the suppliers that a Member has purchased from and send them a statement including the invoices. The Member has time to double check they are all correct and raises any queries with Orion. Orion collects one direct debit payment from the Member and distributes the funds back out to each of the suppliers to settle your invoices.

Save Money, Save Time

So we’ve made our Members business life a lot easier with a network of suppliers and a reduction in the time it takes for them to pay invoices but that’s only half the service.
We want to save our Members money. It’s simple really; the Group can (on the majority of inputs) command a better price than that of an individual. We don’t add any levies or other cost to the purchase therefore the full benefit of any discount set up with the supplier falls straight through to the Member and the amount they pay.
Savings vary on every input with some being quite modest and others extremely competitive however we work hard to try and ensure there is a benefit to ordering through the Group at all times.



Dealing with all the major agrochemical suppliers and manufacturers


Feed & Livestock:

Compound, Straights, Moist & Game Feed, Semen, Minerals, Veterinary, Animal Health, Livestock Sundries


Fertiliser & Seed:

Accounts with all main Manufacturers, Importers & Blenders (Solid & Liquid). Seed including Cereals, Pulses, Forage, Maize, Oilseeds, Grass – agricultural & amenity, Cover crops, Environmental stewardship products & Organic


Fuel & Lubricants:

Heating Oil; Gas Oil; Road Diesel; latest Additives and Lubricants


Building (Merchants & Suppliers):

Aggregates, Concrete, Dry Lining, Electrical, Fixings & Fastenings, Lighting, Paint & Coatings, Plumbing, Tools


Machinery, Plant & Vehicles (Purchase & Hire):

Parts/Repair/Servicing, Air Conditioning, Batteries, Generators, Hose, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Tyres


Farm Maintenance:

Drainage & Civils, Fencing & Gates, Irrigation, Lighting, Piping, Roofing, Steel, Tanks, Timber, Welding


House & Garden:

DIY, Kitchens & Bathrooms, Landscaping, Tiling, Outdoor & Protective Clothing


Office & Administration:

Finance, IT Support, Printing & Stationery, Recruitment


Professional Services:

Agronomy, Communications, Fire & Security, Healthcare, Heating/Cooling, Insurance, Machinery Security, NSTS testing, Pest control, Utilities (Electricity, Gas, Water), Waste Collection & Disposal


Vehicles (Cars & Commercial)



A small monthly Membership fee is charged in order to keep the Orion HQ operating on behalf of the Members.