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New way for Suppliers to communicate with Orion Farming Group Members

Orion have launched an updated website (HERE) with a key focus on helping Suppliers get the most up to date information and promotions to Orion Members. Nick Philp, Orion Chairman, says “The aims of the update to the website are twofold. First, we want to simplify the message about what it means to be a Member of Orion Farming Group and the benefits therein, whilst retaining key features such as the Members Login access for eaccount Members. Second, we want to enable suppliers to Orion to be able to update all their key information and add in any promotional material so that Members can always get the latest from Orion suppliers when they look up the Supplier Catalogue on the Orion App or call the office for the information.” We would welcome feedback on the updated website from Orion Suppliers – please contact Adam Donaldson on 07907 581094 or to provide feedback.

Suppliers can now log into the Suppliers Portal on the Orion website. Simply login, update your details, add your logo and any promotional material, and Orion Farm Buying Group Members will immediately be able to see your information via the Orion App. Get a sense of it in the video below.

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