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Weekly Fuel Update: 10th July 2024

  • Fuel Cards - Did you know that Fuel Cards are available via the Group. Already being used by a number of members, they offer the convenience of monthly billing via your Orion account, savings with consistent pricing and a broad range of card options, all with no transaction fees. Please contact the office if you would like more details.

  • Important - Ford Fuels delivery Update - Fords have updated Orion with the following information on Fuel Tanks that they will no longer be able to deliver to:

    • Any machine.

    • Tanks that they deem to be unsafe.

    • Tanks where they can’t see the ullage.

    • Tanks/fuel stations without working gauges.

The above points can be clarified with Alex Elsworth at Ford Fuels – 01761 452222. If you think this may be an issue for you, then please advise when placing your order.


  • Fuel Orders / Lead Times - Suppliers are looking at deliveries up to 5 working days, dependant on the supplier and the area for delivery. This is remaining steady.

  • Prices: Most supplier prices are updated daily. The average price per day from all suppliers over the past 7 days (excl. VAT) are shown in the table below.

  • Calor LPG: The Group’s LPG price is reviewed on a regular basis. The current Bulk Price for members is 59.00ppl + VAT.

  • AdBlue: There is a new IBC depot scheme in operation with Ford Fuels, please ask for details when ordering.

  • Fuel Tanks: Oil tanks are available from various outlets; please call the Office for supplier details.

  • Lubricants: Ford Fuels stock a wide range of lubricants, they can be contacted direct to discuss any technical information that you may require on certain products & to place orders direct with them. Please mention at the start of any conversations with them that you are an Orion Member.

  • Other Services: Some of the distributors offer additional services such as boiler servicing, tank installations, fuel pump outs. Please enquire at the Office.​


Applications and Data Analytics for Orion developed by Demand Economics Ltd.

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