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Weekly Straights Update: 9th May 2024

The figures in the charts are an indication only and reflect levels traded on Wednesday.

Due to urgent work planned in Fyfield by Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, we will have no power throughout the day on Friday 17th May and have, therefore, regrettably taken the decision to close the office for the day. It will not be possible to provide a service without power, however, there will be a facility in place whereby you can leave telephone messages, however PLEASE NOTE, these will not be acted upon until Monday 20th May.


As a result of the above, the cut-off for all orders will be 4pm on Thursday 16th May, so please bear this in mind, especially if you are looking for a delivery by Monday 20th May.


Apologies for any inconvenience.

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  • Argentinian strikes have continued to plague the market creating volatility and have helped to encourage funds to start covering their short positions.

  • There are also adverse global weather conditions, especially in Brazil, however the recent market jump has mainly been driven by funds.

  • Outlook for May/Jul looks bullish with no feasible downsides.

  • If further strikes happen, shipments will be further delayed and material will continue to tighten.


  • A very technical market, with material being extremely hard to get a hold of in the May/Jul period.

  • Soya rallied over the weekend and rapemeal followed, with MATIF being +12 across most periods, however it has eased back a little this week.

  • Lots of protection is being added to market values due to low predicted yields across Europe, with Nov/Apr being particularly difficult to price as there is no soya against which to compare it.

  • Not much change week on week with the market remaining volatile off the back of Argentinian strikes, which continue to affect exports.

  • Despite the market jump, hulls still remain a competitive fibre source.

  • Nearby availability remains tight ex Portbury/Liverpool, however stocks are alright elsewhere.

  • Supply issues still persist and despite Ensus now producing, they are not spot sellers.

  • Vivergo are also still not pricing yet for the winter period.

  • Generally the mid-protein market still looks expensive.

  • Currency has made the market look more attractive and with prices being cheaper than wheat, demand has started to increase.

  • Overall, sugarbeet is still an expensive fibre source compared to soya hulls.


  • Ongoing concerns about the impact of dry weather on the Russian crops pushed the markets higher last week.

  • On Monday, Dec 24 wheat futures reached their highest levels since Aug 23.

  • While larger barley crops are currently expected for key producers in 24/25, it’s still early.

  • The uncertain outlook for wheat is currently a key influence on the barley market.

And finally, totally irrelevant but quite interesting facts of the week…….

3D printing means that NASA can email tools into space and the Earth’s magnetic field is 100 times weaker than a fridge magnet.


All data in this report are provided by KW. Price indications are based on 29t bulk tipped loads delivered to Oxfordshire and are guide prices only.

For firm prices and availability, please contact Joe Cobb on 01865 393 139

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Currency Trends as of 08/05/2024. Blue = GBP:USD. Red = GBP:EUR


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