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Case Studies

We’ve helped these farmers … and we could help you too


Nick Tyler

Orion makes my farming life easier – it could do the same for you

As Nick Tyler’s mixed dairy, beef and arable operation has grown, so has his appreciation of Orion Farming Group. Nick has been a member of the group for more than 15 years and says he won’t be leaving anytime soon. “I buy all my major inputs through Orion,” he says [...]


Jonathon Gantlett

We’ve been with Orion a long time and I still feel it’s very worthwhile

Organic dairy farmer Jonathon Gantlett is a second-generation member of Orion Farming Group. His father before him recognised the benefits Orion brings to its members, and passed that wisdom on. That’s why more than 20 years after the family first joined, [...]


James Price,

‘I wouldn’t be able to get the same price as Orion, let alone a better one’

Buying power and the ability to negotiate great prices is something individual farmers often lack. Better deals only come from bulk buying, a fact appreciated by James Price, a long-time member of Orion Farming Group. “If you walk into any trade place and pay ‘on account’, [...

Wheat Field

Edward Green

Orion’s admin costs are peanuts compared to the savings you make

If Edward Green could buy all his business inputs through Orion Farming Group, he would. Edward, who grows barley, rape and wheat on his 760-acre farm at Meysey Hampton, Gloucestershire, is welcoming plans to bring [...]


Charles Spencer

The savings through Orion can make the difference between profit and loss

Bringing clarity to his chemical costs was the impetus for Charles Spencer to first get in touch with Orion Farming Group. Charles, who runs a mixed arable, dairy and poultry operation near Warminster, Wiltshire, wanted to separate [...]


Robert Raimes

I couldn’t go back to individual suppliers now I’m a member of Orion

Robert Raimes knows all about the benefits that farming co-operatives can bring. As a farm manager in Lincolnshire he had been a member of one, so when he moved to Hampshire to help run his wife’s family farm, he soon made the [...]

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